Smart Stewards Junior

A Financial Platform For Children & Teenagers​Ages 5-14

Why Choose Us?

The Smart Stewards Junior Is A Subsidiary of the Smart Stewards.

We want to raise a generation of smart and financially savvy children who understand the basics of making, managing and multiplying money.

Smart Stewards is a financial literacy platform that caters for Men and Women of all age categories on a financial independence journey and who are committed to taking hold of their finances with a mindset of accountability .

My son said mummy I need to cut down on cartoon, and re write my goals"". He already scheduled how tomorrow will be for him and his little brother .Blessed are your children, blessed are you

Lagos, Nigeria

My daughter 6 just quickly took two cardboards, wrote a statement each made by Akondo & Josh today and pasted it straight on the board in her room. In her tone “I am working towards those Mummy

Lagos, Nigeria

About The Founder

Sola Adesakin

Lead Coach & Founder

My name is Sola Adesakin, the lead coach and founder of the Smart Stewards, Smart Investment Club and the Smart Stewards Inner Circle. I  am a  Personal & SME Finance Expert, Money Coach and Author. I help people set and accomplish their personal finance goals; teaching them how to Make, Manage and Multiply Money on your way to building Wealth!

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Our Office is located in the heart of Victoria Island in Lagos Nigeria , West Africa.


Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria